Welcome to the Custom Drum Sound Inc. Online Shopping Gallery. Browse the picture galleries of our products, create your shopping list and send to us for an accurate quote. The same competitive pricing and expert advice you’ve come to expect from CDS are continued here for bands, individuals and dealers. Feel free to ask questions about products in the comments box when you submit your quote or email us questions directly via the contact page.

Custom Drum Sound Inc. are a Canadian company and experts in all aspects of pipe band drumming. In-person visits and pickups are by appointment only.

JANUARY 2022 NEWS: Doug was nominated for Drummer of the Year in the 21st New Year’s Honour Roll by PipesDrums magazine. He was recognized for his decades of work in helping drummers to become better players.

DECEMBER 2021 NEWS: As of January 2020, any customers who have purchased snare drums with CDS will be given free access to a yearly, 2 hour online workshop on how to set up, maintain and tune your pipe band snare drum. Tenor and bass drummers also have an opportunity to access their own yearly, 2 hour online class on bass and tenor drum maintenance, set up and tuning. The workshops are taught by Doug Stronach and are part of www.dougstronach.com group courses. They are free for any CDS customers who have purchased snare, bass or tenor drums since January 2020. Sign ups for the workshops and notifications are via email using the contact page here or directly with Doug or Noreen.

SEPTEMBER 2021 NEWS: Courses for beginner and experienced drummers are available at www.dougstronach.com. The beginner course starts in October 2021 and is in part sponsored by CDS Inc. We encourage you to check out the courses and to share the news with any bands or individuals wishing to learn. Class sizes are limited and enrolment is on a first-come, first-served basis. Note: Enrolment is now closed for 2021. Enrolment opens again during the summer of 2022 for an October 2022 start. Please sign up on the www.dougstronach.com site.