Welcome to the Custom Drum Sound Shopping Gallery. Browse the picture galleries of our products, create your shopping list and send to us for an accurate quote. Feel free to ask questions about products in the comments box when you submit your quote. You can also email us without creating a quote via the contact page. If you’re an existing customer, you can email us directly for prices and information also.

Custom Drum Sound are a Canadian company and experts in all aspects of pipe band drumming. We sell and service drums for the Canadian Military, Cadet Units, Police, Fire and civilian competing and non-competing pipe bands all over Canada and the USA. Most business is conducted online and all quotes are sent by email. For customers local to the Southwestern Ontario region, it’s possible to do in-person visits and pickups by appointment. Please email first.


August 2023: A new round of online snare drumming courses are now available at www.dougstronach.com. CDS is a yearly sponsor of the beginner course and the course contests that happen at the end of each year.

July 2023: Doug was interviewed for the Piping Talks podcast and Youtube channel by internationally renowned French drummer and newly-crowned World Champion Boghall & Bathgate member Gleren Meneghin. You can learn all about Doug and many other drummers and pipers by visiting the channel here:

Piping Talks YouTube Channel

Piping Talks Website

Piping Talks on Spotify

June 2023: Courses for beginner and experienced drummers are available at www.dougstronach.com. The courses start in October 2023 and is in part sponsored by CDS Inc. We encourage you to check out the courses and to share the news with any bands or individuals wishing to learn. Class sizes are limited and enrolment is on a first-come, first-served basis. Please sign up on the www.dougstronach.com site.